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Looking for that elusive retirement that seems impossible to achieve?  YOU’RE NOT ALONE!  90% of middle to low income families are fundamentally unprepared to embrace and enjoy their “GOLDEN YEARS”.  Relying on Social Security and risky employment retirement options just simply is not enough to meet the ever increasing expenses of getting older.

SimTradePro is a member based service leading the world in securing not just a healthy retirement, but a WEALTHY life style that offers the freedom every working individual is looking for.  Utilizing the very best in Forex programs, with proven investment strategies, our members are able to double, triple, even quadruple their investment options and actually achieve their financial goals quickly with minimal computer or investment experience.

We have learned over the years that MORE MONEY MAKES MORE MONEY!  This simple truth is what started our Investment Club program.  The investment club option has several advantages:

1.     ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE.  There are no limitations imposed regarding assets or annual income.

2.     Its easy!  Just meet online every quarter.

3.     The investment funds can include self directed retirement accounts which are tax free or tax deferred.

4.      Long term or short term returns from our quarterly disbursed Tier options.

5.      You determine the risk level that works best for your retirement plans.

6.      Live feeds on all activity is available 24/7.

7.      The accounting and reports are verified by our CPA firm.

Because the combined funds give access to higher return rated invested options, the group approach is also fun and exciting.


Investment Clubs


SimTradePro Inc, its owners, employees, and representatives, are not investment advisors, and are held harmless by investing results from groups/individual members.  The provided options and results are for educational and individual elections to participate only.  Any reports, either live or simulated, cannot be considered absolutely correct as consideration of market, individual preferences or actions, can affect the baseline for comparisons.  All reports are intended for gross comparisons.  Any services provided to our members are completed by written or oral requests, not done independently, unless declared and contracted.  Investment clubs/partnerships are created under state applicable rules established, and the  supportive contracts are for maintenance of the groups.  While observations and options may be suggested, the decision of the groups/individual members dictates the results.

Successful investors, businesses owners, and industry experts all happy to share their advice and help you grow your wealth.

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