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WHY USE INVESTMENT CLUBS?  Because it has proven to be the ONLY option to access higher return rate investments with the lowest costs.  Your participation with an investment club/partnership opens the door to discounts and opportunities to share with others in your achieving the retirement EVERYONE is looking for.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  When you join as a member of SimTradePro Inc. you are eligible to access investment options available through investment clubs.  You can invest cash or use self directed retirement accounts.  SimTradePro assists with the mechanical issues of the club/partnership functioning and searches for the best investment options.  These are presented to the clubs and the members elect what they want to do.  Each club meets quarterly, reviews results, makes comparisons, and votes on actions for the group to take.



a.      Investments can be as small of a thousand dollars. 


b.      Can be added to, or withdrawn from, quarterly.


2.      TIER TWO: Long term retirement accounts.

a.      This is money from your self-directed retirement accounts:

         i.   ROTH

         ii.  IRA

         iii. SEP

         iv.  SIMPLE

         v.   HSA (Health Savings Account)

         vi.  CRUT (Charitable Remainder UniTrust)

b.     Can be added to or withdrawn from quarterly.

WHY USE A ROTH RETIREMENT ACCOUNT?  The ROTH retirement option offers a tax free return after 5 years of aging and being 59.5 years of age. 

WHO'S DOING THE INVESTMENTS?  The vetted investments through our exclusive Forex platforms, (and only practical options at the moment), are currently being serviced by licensed investment firms in Europe and our bank is in Ireland.  These system have proven to be the most consistently profitable and our current groups are experiencing higher than average annual gains on their investment options. 

Below is our primary trader consisting of several robotic traders and a manual oversight.  This account started on July 18th, 2018.  Please note the GAIN from the start date, DRAWDOWN indicating the exposure, DAILY showing the average gain per day, and MONTHLY showing the average monthly growth.

Members can access and see the results of all our robotic and manual investment strategies.  We currently have 9 robotic and 1 manual.  Only the best strategies are included in our primary/standard account. 

 DISCLAIMER: Past results are not a gaurantee of future profits.  The market does have volatility  and while the higher risk levels has potentially greater rewards, it also has more exposure as well.

 Capital Preservation Plan (STOP LOSS)

Part of your investment planning needs to include preserving your capital.  Here’s how ours works:

•Once a group is started, we send their initial investment to our broker in Ireland.

•We NEVER allow more than a 10% drop in equity below the contributions.  This means that if our equity account, (the actual value in the bank), drops below 10% the contributions, we sell all of the inventory and start over again.

  • In addition the 10% STOP LOSS on the primary account, each of the robotic strategies have a 5% STOP LOSS imposed as an additional security.

These parameters are applied to the “Standard” risk level of participation.

What's it cost to participate?

The price for access to ALL of our options and resources is:

1.      Partnership fee of $3,000 per member.  This is a onetime, non refundable fee.  This also allows you access to all of our options and pays for the initial years upfront expenses.

2.      A maintenance fee of 5% of gains, paid quarterly for the upcoming year’s anticipated expenses.  These fees are deducted from the forex account and used to cover legal and accounting expenses on behalf of the partnership.

3.      Brokerage fees that are based on sales of the forex account.  These are automatically withdrawn by the brokerage house.

4.      20% High Water management fees paid to the trader for access to their investment strategies.  These fees are deducted from the account each quarter and is based on the GAINS ONLY after achieving a certain level of profitability.  For more information on how this works, read this linked article:


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SimTradePro Inc, its owners, employees, and representatives, are not investment advisors, and are held harmless by investing results from groups/individual members.  The provided options and results are for educational and individual elections to participate only.  Any reports, either live or simulated, cannot be considered absolutely correct as consideration of market, individual preferences or actions, can affect the baseline for comparisons.  All reports are intended for gross comparisons.  Any services provided to our members are completed by written or oral requests, not done independently, unless declared and contracted.  Investment clubs/partnerships are created under the applicable rules established by the Securities and Exchange Commision, (SEC), and supportive contracts are for maintenance of the groups.  While observations and options may be suggested, the decision of the groups/individual members dictates the results.


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